Frank developed an uncanny ability to facilitate these public-private partnerships, forging enduring relationships rooted in finding effective solutions to complicated issues.


Over the course of his career in government, banking and law, Frank Carone began to see a problem few fully grasped. Government and business needed to work together a lot, but that wasn’t something that happened naturally.

When Frank was named chief of staff to Mayor Eric Adams, he implemented this strategy at City Hall, bringing together unlikely allies to get things done and managing several legacy projects that indelibly transformed the city.

These experiences cohered into a practical philosophy: When you help others achieve their goals, they succeed—and you do too. This led Frank to co-author the book Everyone Wins!, which dives into the core principles of his approach.

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Through Oaktree Solutions, Frank is applying the method that undergirded his success to help companies and individuals achieve their own. And because this method is teachable, he’s instilled it in the talented individuals he’s brought on board.

Frank and the rest of the Oaktree team are excited to help you and your organization accomplish great things.

Oaktree is founded on the principles of joy, value and understanding.

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    We want our clients to smile when they receive a call from us.

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    We want our clients to feel that we’re constantly and considerably improving their chances of success.

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    We want our clients to know we understand their issues on both a practical and an emotional level, as both business partners and friends.

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    We believe that when you focus on helping others, everyone wins—and we apply that every day in our work.

We’re applying these lessons and utilizing our relationships to help private sector clients meet their goals.  To do so, we’ve assembled a team of experienced and talented people from the worlds of business, law and government.


Frank Carone
Founder and Chairman
Anthony Carone
Chief Executive Officer
Leah Goldberg
Gary Jenkins
Managing Director, Not-for-profits and Social Services
Matthew Quinonez
Chief of Staff & Managing Director, Business Operations
Max Rose
Managing Director, Federal and International Affairs
Sanjay Singla
Chief Financial Officer
Bob Spolzino
General Counsel
Daniel Tietz
COO and Managing Director, Policy