Ariel Palitz in International Media: Nightlife Keeps Cities Flourishing

Marina Gallardo
January 31, 2024

Ariel Palitz, Oaktree’s Managing Director of Hospitality and Intergovernmental Affairs, is the world’s foremost ambassador for how the nightlife industry can support cities around the globe.

Palitz — who served as the founding director for the New York City Mayor’s Office of Nightlife — has recently been asked to be an advisor for the International Nightlife Association to advise local governments and support nightlife businesses around the world.

This comes amid the recent announcement that Barcelona will be appointing its first nightlife mayor, following advice from Palitz. During her recent trip to the city for the 9th International Nightlife Congress and meeting with Barcelona’s deputy mayor Albert Batlle, Palitz explained the advantages of implementing such a role as a conduit between regulatory bodies and local owners to manage the city’s nightlife. 

"Barcelona would benefit enormously from such an office, without a punitive spirit, dedicated to helping support this industry and finding a vital and necessary balance with the needs of the community,” she explained. “It aims to protect the nightlife sector, improve coexistence between locals and neighbors, and demonstrate that it is possible to live and work together for the benefit of local culture and local tourism."

Her involvement saw coverage from El Mundo, Betevé, and Nightlife International.

Palitz continues to be an advisor on international matters, supporting the view that a thriving nightlife scene can be a strong asset for cities. She was also recently invited by Fotogragiska in Berlin to speak on a panel about the importance of nightlife spaces as safe places for activism, advocacy, resistance and healing in complex political times. 

Her upcoming visits to Manchester in February to meet with fellow advocates from the UK, Tokyo, Sydney, Amsterdam and others at the NTIA Night Time Economy Summit, followed by a visit to Cartagena in March are set to bring more opportunities to promote the benefits of city and industry partnership that support a flourishing nightlife industry and dedicated nightlife government offices around the world.

Palitz meeting representatives of Barcelona Mayor’s Office and City Council