Oaktree’s Global Impact: Nightlife Governance in Colombia and Beyond

Marina Gallardo
June 10, 2024

Ariel Palitz, Oaktree Solutions’ Managing Director of Hospitality and Intergovernmental Affairs, recently returned from an inspiring week in Colombia. During her time in the country, Ariel traveled to four cities, including Bogota, Cartagena, Cali and Pierera to meet with a number of mayors, governors and City Councils to discuss the value of nightlife governance and a thriving night time economy for cities. 

Palitz’s visit to numerous cities across Colombia garnered broad media coverage, helping convey a message about the benefits of a well-managed nightlife to a wider audience in Colombia and the international community. Of note, Palitz’s visit emphasized the importance of a dedicated nightlife office to enhance urban vibrancy and safety and quality of life concerns.

“We are proud that Ariel Palitz accepted the invitation of Asobares Colombia and initiated this conversation with the governors, mayors, councilors, and leaders of the economic sectors that move 24 hours a day, or with an emphasis at night, to promote and strengthen the management of the cities that already live 24 hours a day,” Camilo Ospina, President of the Board of Directors of Asobares Colombia, the country’s industry association for bars and nightlife, said in Spanish, according to a report from Caracol Radio.

Palitz continues to make an impact around the world. During a recent visit to Barcelona, the city announced the creation of its own dedicated office of nightlife, illustrating the growing recognition of the importance of this initiative. She will also be making upcoming visits to Miami, the U.K., and Australia to meet with a number of local officials to discuss nighttime governance and management. 

These international visits are more than just a series of local engagements; they also establish Oaktree as a global leader in governance, hospitality, sports, and business consulting. Oaktree’s efforts are part of a larger vision to improve public and private collaboration worldwide.

To read more about Ariel’s visit and impact in Colombia, you can visit: Caracol Cartagena, El Tiempo, and Bogota.gov.