New York State Supreme Court Justice Esther “Micky” Morgenstern to Join Oaktree Solutions’ Litigation Support Practice

Marina Gallardo
November 3, 2023

Global public affairs strategy firm Oaktree Solutions today announced the addition of outgoing New York State Supreme Court Justice Esther “Micky” Morgenstern to their dynamic and fast-growing team.

Morgenstern, who earlier announced her retirement from the bench effective at the end of December 2023, will be Managing Director of Oaktree’s litigation support practice to provide strategic advice to clients with complex legal situations.

“Judge Morgenstern has an exemplary record of service to the people of New York, and she is a brilliant legal mind who has contributed greatly to combating wrongdoing, especially domestic violence, nationally,” said Oaktree Solutions Founder and Chairman Frank Carone. “I could not be more excited to welcome her to our Oaktree team of world-class experts.”

Morgenstern will bring a wealth of experience to the Oaktree team accrued through a 28-year career on the bench, as well as an additional ten years of public service as the Principal Law Clerk to a Supreme Court Justice.

Morgenstern was the architect of the protocol for Best Practices in the problem solving Integrated Domestic Violence (IDV) Courts. Dedicated to a “one family one judge” model, she handled criminal, family and matrimonial cases involving domestic violence between intimate partners. Morgenstern’s Best Practices were instituted statewide in all 62 counties of New York State.

Under Morgenstern’s leadership, the IDV Court was designated a National Mentor Court by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Violence Against Women and received several grants to host court teams and domestic violence prevention advocates from across the United States and ten countries.

“I am looking forward to this next chapter of my career – joining the Oaktree team is an exciting opportunity to work with extraordinary people and drive positive change at scale,” said Morgenstern. “I am so impressed by the high-quality, expert-led work of the firm, and can’t wait to hit the ground running.”

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